If we all have 24 hours, why do some people get SO MUCH stuff done?

The most successful people don’t “manage” their time, they manipulate it to their advantage.

First, they ruthlessly prioritize their lives.

If you want to bend time, you can’t be wasting an hour on Instagram everyday or on a dozen meaningless meetings per week that don’t serve you.

They know where they want to go and create time to accomplish those things.

Second, they take action.

🏄‍♂️ Scott Leese is known for saying that one of his best qualities is the ability to limit the distance between idea and action.

For  many of us, good ideas come into our brain and that’s where they stay. Taking action is hard. Taking action quickly is even harder.

Third, these people have an internal sense of urgency.

It’s not just okay to reach their goal whenever. They want to reach their goals at possibly unreasonable timelines to push themselves to move quickly and stay ahead of the pack.

Fourth, they have systems.

Scott Adams says “Losers have goals, winners have systems”.

Whether it’s their morning routine, delegating/automating part of their workflow or “hacking” their way through it, these people have systems that help them accomplish their goals.

Here’s the thing: time management and manipulation is a skill, just like sales or baking chocolate chip cookies.

If it’s not something inherent that you’re naturally adept at, you can grow and improve at the skill over time.

You can improve from novice to grandmaster as you practice and learn.

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