We made it to episode 200.

I still remember the first podcast I ever did. My friend, Ryan Warner, and I grabbed a six-pack of beer, a recorder and went over to my boss’s (at the time) apartment for a conversation. We sipped Grapefruit Sculpins and talked about how attitude is everything.

It took two months between conducting that interview and when the public got to hear it. It wasn’t due to any technical issues -it was all mental.

We feared what people would say. What they’d think. We’d debate it every night as we ate Trader Joe’s turkey burgers in our tiny San Francisco apartment.

One night, I remember storming into the apartment. “Hit the damn publish button!”. I’m not sure what had hyped me up, but I was tired of letting fear block us out from creating.

The next week, most of our fears came true. People at work mocked me. “You think you’re Tim Ferris now?” “Salespeople should sell, not create content”.

But as we took it more seriously, others did too. Pretty soon we were talking to Olympic gold medalists, CEOs and even the Wolf of Wall Street.

The podcast has helped me in so many ways that it’s hard to keep track. I’m quicker on my feet, I’m a better communicator, I’ve built a strong network, I’ve flexed my creative muscle – the list goes on. And it may look like a lot of fun (it is) doing shows every week, chatting it up and posting it on social media.

But you know what it really taught me? To fucking grind. I get up to do the show at 6 am every week, I do it at 6 or 7 pm after a full day’s work, I spent Sundays – not watching football – doing all of the work to find guests, schedule time, research, plan the marketing, send handwritten thank you notes and every other thing I do to make the show successful.

Thank you to everyone who’s tuning in and showing love. Thank you to each and every guest that has come on. It’s been a hell of a ride for these first 200 episodes and can’t wait for the next 200.