When I think of infomercials, I think of cheesy products being peddled by even cheesier people. I think of watching late-night TV and seeing the wonders of the Shamwow, The Magic Bullet or the Snuggie.

That is NOT what we’re talking about today.

In one of the more creative prospecting moves I’ve seen in a while, Carolyn Dorricott decided to create an infomercial for her prospects. It’s absolute gold.

Carolyn is a Sr. SDR at Gong and uses creativity to her advantage to hit her prospecting goals. We talk about her Infomercial strategy as well as some other unique tactics like Cameo, TikTok and JibJab to get her prospect’s attention.

At the end of the day, it’s about being human. We’re not robots meant to just hit “send” on every sequence we come across. Creativity can help us to up-level the sales profession and Carolyn is a great example of that.

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