Do you feel stuck on the “normal sales path”? Do you feel uninspired going from BDR to AE to Sales Manager?

If so, this episode is for you.

Maria Bross is the perfect messenger for this topic. Put simply: she’s a badass.

Maria is currently the Sales Enablement Manager at BoomTown, a top 100 LinkedIn Social Sales Star, active in the Revenue Collective community, and is a South Carolina State Powerlifting Record Holder (!). To get to this level, Maria has spent a good decade in sales, honing her craft and leveling up her career.

At one point, Maria knew she needed a change. She learned that she didn’t want to be the quota-carrying AE anymore. She wanted to help others learn and grow so that they could be successful salespeople. She tells a great story of how she came to that conclusion.

In this conversation, we discuss:

  • Starting her career at Nordstrom’s
  • Having a growth mindset in sales
  • Why she transitioned from Sales to Enablement

Maybe that ambition sounds familiar to you. Maybe it doesn’t.

If not, there is plenty of room for salespeople to carry on the “traditional path”.

But if her story speaks to you, I hope it inspires you to carve a new path for yourself. One that speaks to your personal mission. One that drives success and fulfillment.

Two asks for you beautiful people.

First, go hit Maria up on LinkedIn. Her content is outstanding, her energy is contagious and she’s open to connecting with new people.

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Let’s get after it this week.