Justin Welsh is the founder of JW Strategic Advisory. Prior to that, Justin spent a decade in sales and leadership positions. After a few failed efforts, Justin landed at ZocDoc helped to grow it into one of the fastest companies in the world. Justin then took on the role of CRO at PatientPop and spent 5 years scaling them from $0 to $50M and from 1 to 150+ salespeople. Along the way, he’s grown his LinkedIn following to nearly 60,000 people (and counting). He’s now consulting some of the world’s fastest-growing companies and helping other grow their following with The LinkedIn Playbook.

In this conversation, we discuss:

  • Why Justin got fired from his first 3 sales jobs and his career turning point
  • How to network early in your career
  • How Justin manages his time, finances, and personal relationships
  • And more…

You can connect with Justin on LinkedIn.

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